Fragments of my broken heart

Remembering a time when our laughter changed dark to light When the innocence of childhood was part of our daily fight When all I had was you and all you had was me… What happened to that strong girl that you always use to be… Fragments of my broken heart is what you left behind […]

The weight of the world

Family crisis is an ongoing issue in my very large family. The more I try to separate myself from the chaos the farther I get pulled in. In my mind I know there is nothing I can but my heart still wants to fix, save and solve. I feel like I have been at war with […]

Cease the Day

My new journey begins at a new hospital Monday. I am praying it is the place I need it to be. Where I can love my patients and their care is top priority. Where I can feel a sense of fulfillment as I share my experience, strength, and hope. I am so excited, yet nervous. […]


Free is leaves that change color in the fall, the bright oranges the deep reds and radiant yellows. Free is the wind that is cool and crisp that blows through my hair. Free is sand in-between my toes Free is my mind with a thousand random thoughts flowing as fast as the speed of light […]


The thoughts come fast, she can’t slow them down… wondering if this holiday cheer they speak of can this year will be found. Trying so hard to be the mother she never had through all those years, But it only causes mania and so many tears. She doesn’t see it but still it’s true, she […]

There is no pause button

There is no pause button on life, it keeps moving. Sometimes so fast it causes a wind storm in your chest making each breath incredibly painful. You stop for brief moments to embrace the seconds with your children, your husband, pets and hobbies. Only to be taking off your feet and drug into the next […]