Part of my story

My parents had four children: Tanya, myself, Jeni and Andy. They were alcoholics and drug users. So us children spent a majority of our childhood with our grandparents on our mother’s side of the family. We played with the kids next door and their parents embraced and loved us like we were their own. I […]

A ray of hope

You have to have bad days, to enjoy the good.  But mental illness bad days and regular bad days are very different. Thursday depression was worse than Wednesday. I couldn’t write, I couldn’t think.  My mind raced with never-ending thoughts as my brain struggled to process it.  What if’s and Why’s, Out of control Emotions […]

Wednesday Blues

I had a great day yesterday, I felt as though i was on a new horizon. I felt like i was re discovering myself. Yesterday it felt like Mental Illness didn’t exist and there was hope. Today as i drove to work i was overwhelmed with anxiety, tomorrow is Thursday the day i leave to […]

Day one Therapy Time

Today is my first day of Therapy for the BPD, along with my first group. I’m nervous, i am scared and it is going to take everything in me to go. I don’t want this, and i am not ready to accept it. But in the same thought i don’t want to hurt my family […]