Anything is Possible

I completed my undergrad as I battled my mental illness. I received four scholarships to attend graduate school this fall. I did this with bipolar 1, severe mood swings, sometimes medicated sometimes not. It truly is a miracle and I am still in disbelief that I actually did it. When I received my diagnosis in […]


Self-care for someone with bipolar disorder is imperative in obtaining stability in ones life. I believe it is more than just taking my meds everyday, practicing healthy habits, and loving myself; it is also about surrounding yourself with people who support you, love you, and make you laugh. It is about breaking out of your […]

Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrows promise never come; all we have is right now to do something different. Changes promised for tomorrow await in the denseness of ones mind and never make there way to the surface of ones life. There has to come a point in ones life where making the right decision now is imperative rather than […]

Freedom, choice, and happiness

Freedom seems unobtainable for so many. They relish in the idea that anyone other than themselves is holding their freedom from them. Negative choices prevent freedom; positive choices lead to freedom. When faced with uncertainty in a matter of what to choose,  choose to analyze the outcomes and paths to which the choice leads you […]

How it Got That Bad

How did it get that bad? Is the question I ask myself The thoughts echo in my head as my heart beat pounds like background music. You want to call someone, you think it over and over again But you know the minute you say suicidal everyone will start freaking out I won’t really do […]

Just be me…

Enticed by the grip that holds me inside There’s something about the darkness that makes me feel alive The way it feels flowing through me as I spiral down its slope Traveling down the rabbit hole no longer needing hope I do not want it to fade as my brown eyes turn to black My […]

A conflicted soul….

She is so close to the edge but no one can see One more step and the darkness overtakes me The pain is jagged;  the pain is raw She was standing at the edge yet no one saw Life moved around her as if she wasn’t there The world felt so lonely like she belonged nowhere […]


A human soul is full of light. Like a plant needing sunshine and water. A soul craves love, passion, and requires another human connection. It needs this to grow into something beautiful. But what happens when it never gets this? What happens when it gives away all of its light, all of its love and […]

Silence in a world of noise

The funny thing about people is they always say they will be there, that they care. But do they? Do they stop to listen to what is happening when there are no words to hear? Do they really realize that what you’re going through no matter how stupid it looks to them is real to […]